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I spent a lot of my childhood and teenage years watching movies.  In particular, I was drawn to Hong Kong cinema in the 90’s, from the highly artistic visuals of Wong Kar Wai to the B grade comedies of Steven Chow. It was an ever present way of keeping close to my birthplace, culture and language. For wordclay I draw from such cinematic journeys, getting lost in different worlds crafting captivating narratives with screen grabs and text from soundtracks. It's a personal, nostalgic exploration; getting lost in imaginative realms. Somehow the time bending quality of working with clay can replicate that feeling of freedom and solace I once found staying up (very) late with movies in my youth.

Free handed cobalt decoration on stoneware clay. Water tight.


Love on delivery 10 x 14 cm

Text: Invincible Windfire spin - the kung fu move Steven Chow's character learns from the swindler to win the heart of his love interest.



Love on Delivery (King of Destruction) Vase

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