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Mutual Intent - Brisbane Powerhouse

Dreams We Forget was a show by Wendy Ma (Kaomoji Ceramics) and Lisa Kelly (The Moon Gallery), featuring Charlie Hillhouse 11-20th December 2020 Wreckers Artspace Wolloongabba.

In times of change, the human subconscious that awakens experiences a narrative of inner stress, symbolic imagery, and dreamscapes. Dreams We Forget indulged in imagery from our subconscious and invited audiences to participate and share from their own. The showcase was a reflection on the past year and the events that have impacted us, culturally, globally, and metaphysically.

Wendy’s works for this who celebrated a vital time of reconnecting to her subconscious, desires and emotions. Her ceramic tokens were created during a time of forced reclusiveness filled with self care rituals and reflection. This included documenting her dreams and allowing them to inform her pieces. They aimed to capture the fluid and inconsequential nature of dreams, an immersive escape from reality.

December 2020


Photography by Wendy Ma, Lisa Kelly

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