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Wendy Ma

wendy ma kaomoji ceramics artist portrait chinese vases

Wendy Ma, also known as Kaomoji Ceramics, is driven by a passion for evoking joy and warmth through her ceramic creations, recognising their ability to transform both living spaces and daily rituals. She is known for her vibrant contemporary homewares that often push the boundaries of conventional design, challenging users to embrace new perspectives. Her recent work is influenced by her desire to reconnect to her cultural heritage and pay homage to the artistry of Chinese ceramics from the Ming and Song dynasties. 

With a background in design and fashion, Wendy has been exploring the endless possibilities of the medium since 2015.  Kaomoji is borrowed from the Japanese art of using symbols to convey emotion. She creates under this moniker as her work evolves with her mood and creative process.

Recently she had been involved in 'Unusual Vessels' art auction at Echo and Echo and Bounce as well as the Clayschool 10 year Anniversary Alumni group show. Her past shows include  'Mutual Intent' a collaboration art exhibition at Brisbane Powerhouse curated by Third Quarter. Wendy has also showcased her ceramics alongside painter Lisa Kelly and Sinclair Cole at Sure Studio as well as Wrecker's Art Space. 

Her work is currently stocked at Museum of Brisbane, The Institute of Modern Art and Waiting Room Gallery.








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