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Since starting my learning journey in the art of Kintsugi in 2002, I have been working with local artists as well as clients to restore their precious ceramic pieces. I have trained in both decorative art Kintsugi using modern materials as well as traditional food safe method using urushi (tree sap). I immensely enjoy this meditative time intensive art form and find restoring sentimental items rewarding!


Modern kintsugi is ideal for decorative pieces. It uses a combination of epoxy and alternative urushi and metal powders for the finish. Overtime metal powders will age and there are steps to prolong the beauty of the repaired piece.


Traditional Kintusgi using natural urushi tree sap finished with black or red urushi or real gold/silver powder is 100% food safe. Gold powders are expensive so an alternative food safe mica powder can be sourced however please do your own research to decide if this is right for you, there has been debate about the true food safety of this material.

Either method will achieve a flush and flawless finish restoring and enhancing the beauty and history of your ceramic wares. The process can take 4-13 weeks depending on the complexity of the piece.

Please contact me via email or instagram for a quote, pictures and measurements will be helpful!

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