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Exhibition: Are We Friends?

Are we friends? was a collaborative exhibition by Wendy Ma (Kaomoji Ceramics), Lisa Kelly (The Moon Gallery) and Ellen Cisneros. The works form a dialogue between the artists evaluating our feelings towards our own heritage, identity, relationships and growth. The show took place over the weekend off the 7th December 2019 at Open House, West End.

The works for this group show explores the narrative of ceramics growing, from babies to adulthood, of establishing connections with other vessels and finding their own identity. The expressive vessels yearn for connection, some are waving and reaching out to you, others are curious about each other. By combining the method of throwing clay on the wheel and adding hand built elements as well as homemade slips the artist is able to craft each vessel’s unique personalities. A community of vessels was created which share similarities but also differences just like human nature. The aim was to create vessels where flowers aren’t the main attraction. Instead, they are to be lively sculptures to be displayed in their own right.

Photography Wendy Ma

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