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"Gourd-geous! Bound Fortune," is a wheel-thrown ceramic vessel adorned with meticulously hand-built details of a bow, all enveloped in a charming rosy glaze. I was inspired by childhood memories, where dried gourds hung in windows and doorways, serving as talismans of good luck. These vessels, suspended like ethereal sentinels, mirrored the enchanted scenes from films where spirits dwelled within, their voices echoing mysteriously. 


The gourd in Feng Shui philosophy, emerges as a potent emblem of longevity, happiness, and positive energy. Its curvaceous form is believed to encapsulate and preserve good fortune. The addition of bow-tie details further amplifies the binding of good luck and the nurturing of positive relationships. This vase transcends mere aesthetic appeal; it serves as a conduit for auspicious energy, inviting prosperity into the space it graces. 



Approximate Measurements:


Small Yellow 55 x 95 mm

SMall Pink 65 x 95mm

Large Pink 75 x 110mm


High fired ceramics are durable and dish washer safe. However to maintain the brilliance of scultptural vases and pieces with delicate elements by gently wiping it with a soft, damp cloth or handwashing with mild detergent.


Gourd-geous! Bound Fortune

Gourd Variant
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