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Little home planet 4000 (Chain Only)

Cornelia Van Rijswijk X Wendy Ma (Kaomoji Ceramics)   

82 x 6cm

Stoneware clay, stain


This peice was created for for  Yeti x Third Quarter's 'Mutual Intent" exhibition at Brisbane Powerhouse. This large scale project incorporated 29 pairs of Brisbane artists of different disciplines who were paired up to collaborate on one final artwork.


This chain can also be combined with Little Home Planet vessel or perspex keychains. Works alone as a hanging peice. Please note that due to the nature of stained unglazed clay, there are  minimal uneven surfaces  and impurities - signs of being handmade with love.




Bright bold colours and considered placement of recognisable forms are similarities in Cornelia’s 2D works and Wendy’s ceramics. Both artists recognise the importance of creating an inspiring and pleasurable environment within the home. Their mutual intent for this show was to create a functional multi-use sculpture inspired by a 'mini world'. Each individual element of the vessel allows a range of possible configurations to be created or come together to create one unified piece. 


Wendy’s expertise in pottery techniques; a combination of wheel throwing, hand building and staining clay were used. Her concept of creating a multi-use vessel and her style of balancing negative space and colours can be seen in this piece. To Wendy, the artwork is a functional art object meant to be interacted with in the home - this idea is at the core of her work. 


Cornelia’s digitally created signature motifs were used to inform the shapes on the vessel. The shapes are seen in the miniature compositions that were printed digitally onto acrylic perspex. These symbolise screens or portals, a recurring theme in her work. Her art practice explores the idea of conjuring synthetic worlds that visualise online communication.


Collaboratively, this artwork bridges the traditional folk craft notions of pottery and the cold modernity of technology to reach a middle ground in contemporary design. 

Little Home Planet 400 (Chain)

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